Hello people of Newgrounds and fellow companions who gave my stuff a try; I am coming up with my very first story! The first part is already up on Wattpad, willing to any criticism and/or tips of how to make it better! I appreciate it if you do read and check it out! The first part was just released and the second part will be shortly too, most likely the next day or after that.

I'm also going to be putting up more art, if you wish to help me with that too; go on ahead! The pictures are really just for covers of the book I'll be adding soon so tell me how you like it! Have a nice night? Day? I don't know when you'll read this so have a nice life...yeah but anyways, give me your suggestions and I will consider them. Thank you Newground's People!


Genesis of Blaze

2015-10-30 00:54:27 by FreezingBlaze0

Hello people of the internet, I hope you have found my content most interesting in your way, but this is only the start of it. I am now starting many other things such as...

-Books: I am writing stories of either genre such as Horror, Action, but the one I want to focus on is the character I been drawing and painting. He's been in my head for awhile and I need to make his story. Give me suggestions of what do you think about him, what I am thinking is that he's a figure of power while at the same time kind but corrupted (Corruption with the mask, powerful with the suit, kind with the face.) I still don't have a name but i'll come up with it in the story.

-Videos: I will be posting up gaming videos such as commentaries or maybe some classic walkthroughs, or even what I want to start is Difficult Monday where I play a rageful game every monday because you know, what's the best day to be mad? Monday. I want to also start posting up Vlogs or just videos about some topics in the world so you guys can put your opinions.

-Goals: Now goals for me are mostly educational like higher grades in my class but I want another goal which I inspire you guys to be motivated so there's not any negativity in your lives. I find mysef wasting lots of time during the day so my 1st goal, (I will be posting a goal every 2 months) is the casual one, get fit. I just gotta remember, "it's not going to happen in 1 day but it won't happen in a month if I just stop then start agan..." So stay motivated guys.

So anything new happening in my life will be posted here, I don't get involved with Twitter or Facebook anymore, but Newgrounds seems like my home so I made it my home. Hopefully this all follows through guys and wish you all the best of luck with your lives.

Story Writing and Art! :D Videos...on hold; :C

2015-08-23 00:29:30 by FreezingBlaze0

Hey guys what's up, I know it's been a loooong time since I uploaded anything especially videos. Buuut I have started another hobby and hope to stick with it; I am starting to write and wanna share it with everyone. My first story is short but it's just to show how I am right now. 


Feedback would be most appreciated and I hope you guys enjoy it; also, this is not the only thing i write about, currently working on another and should be out anytime this month or next.

Another thing I wanna talk about is the art! :D Really love drawing better than the Microsoft thing but it's still pretty good, just gotta get used to it. I'll upload new images I make even with my profile pics so basically the art is for fun.

One more thing! Videos are on hold right now since my mic is broken and my computer was just rebooted and it's still updating most of the time but once i get my mic and computer back in order, I will work on the videos! :D

Stay well everyone and have a nice school year! :D

Sperm To An Adult

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Finale? NOOOO!

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Almost Finale

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2 New series!!!

2013-11-27 18:45:13 by FreezingBlaze0

Hey guys, this the FreezingBlaze once again, I am going to finish up the Madness Series tonight, the final stage. :( But I'm making two new series! Madville is the first one, its about a hero who ended up in a asylum, so you got to reach the end to find out how he got there I guess. Lol. The second one is a classic, MINECRAFT. I'm sure I'll finish the Madville series before my demo on Action ends. But the MINECRAFT series may be questionable. Have to work very hard to finish. there's also finals that are coming up in school so that means I'll have to study. Ugh, but I can make it! Stay cool guys and keep looking hot! :)


2013-11-25 18:59:21 by FreezingBlaze0

Hey guys this the FreezingBlaze! I have made a youtube account, if you want to check me out http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Vxy5hhfZx8N69MW7RTq3w Hope you enjoy my videos, they're mostly about me playing games on Newgrounds! Suggest any games I should play and record, I'll surely play'em. No rated Adult or waste of time, like torturing or super easy ones (ones that a kinder gardener could finish) But yeah guys, Stay cool and keep looking hot! :)