Entry #10

Devil's World (Upcoming Book!) & More Art!

2016-01-02 02:43:32 by FreezingBlaze0

Hello people of Newgrounds and fellow companions who gave my stuff a try; I am coming up with my very first story! The first part is already up on Wattpad, willing to any criticism and/or tips of how to make it better! I appreciate it if you do read and check it out! The first part was just released and the second part will be shortly too, most likely the next day or after that.

I'm also going to be putting up more art, if you wish to help me with that too; go on ahead! The pictures are really just for covers of the book I'll be adding soon so tell me how you like it! Have a nice night? Day? I don't know when you'll read this so have a nice life...yeah but anyways, give me your suggestions and I will consider them. Thank you Newground's People!



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